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What is gender sensitization?

Gender sensitization refers to the modification of behavior by raising awareness of gender equality concerns. It is interlinked with women empowerment.
Gender sensitizing "is about changing behavior and instilling empathy into the views that we hold about our own and the other gender. It helps people in "examining their personal attitudes and beliefs and questioning the 'realities' they thought they know."

Aim of Gender sensitization

The aim of gender sensitization is to make people aware of the power relations between men and women in society and to understand the importance of affording women and men equally opportunities and treatment.

Gender “differences” in different Situations

Following some of the situations in which we also see gender differences: • Social • Political • Educational • Economic


Different perceptions of women’s and men’s social roles: The man seen as head of the household and chief breadwinner; the woman see as the nurturer and care giver.
• Society/Family expects that women should take care of the children along with other household work.
• Hard labour of women are not considered compared to men in the Society/Family. This scenario is unacceptable in our Society/Family due to gender discrimination.


Differences in the ways in which women and men assume and share the power and authority; men more involved in national and higher level politics; women more involved at the local level in activities linked to their domestic roles.
women and men can share power and authority at equal level.


Differences in educational opportunities and expectations of girls and boys; Family resources directed to the boy’s rather than girl’s education. Education is the basic right for every child – Whether is a Boy or a Girl.


Differences in women’s and men’s access to lucrative careers.
Both women and men can do responsible jobs.

Role of parents & teachers towards Gender Sensitization

Gender sensitization theories claim that modification of the behavior of teachers and parents towards children can have a causal effect on gender equality.
• Parents are to a great extent responsible for such discrimination. Right from a young age, they expect the girl child to conform to the role of the meek, submissive and lesser human being while the boy in the family gets away without punishment for his cruel pranks.
The school being a miniature society, the first step of gender equality should begin at the school level. The safety of woman has been a matter of concern right from the days of yore. In the absence of effective legislation and punitive measures for the wrong doers, the safety of the girl child is a topic that plagues the mind of every parent.
• In the modern times, earning money has become the prime motive of man and the child is imbued with the same zeal. Teachers, guardians and educational institutions are geared at academic advancements it is considered as a sure way to success in life. Success in life is equated with earning money. When the primary goal of education becomes money making then moral values definitely take a back seat in schools and colleges.
• Such narration should be done to students at a very young age by a conscientious teacher. This needs to be followed up even in the middle and senior levels in schools.
• Moral uprightness should be lauded so that the seeds of moral values planted in children at a young age take firm roots. o Teachers and guardians have to take a joint responsibility in this regard.
• The school provides the right environment to do away with such rigid social mores. The teacher takes the pride of place as mentor and guide, showing the child its place in society.
• Value education should be a part of the school curriculum so that girls and boys can imbibe values and have an insight into the intricate fabric of society in which each has an important role to play.

Let them understand that thoughtfulness, regard, respect and concern for others will pave the way for smoother running of society than aggressiveness, impudence and gross disregard for others’ feelings.

Vital Features to Make an Organization Gender Sensitive:

• Gender equality should be a priority not only in the organization’s mission statement, general objectives, and policies, but also in its internal regulations (recruitment procedures, terms and conditions for workers, etc).
• Adequate resources should be devoted to putting such policies into practice.
• Management-staff relations should be as non-vertical as possible: open, consultative, listening.
• Adequate resources should be devoted to putting such policies into practice.
• Decision-making access for women should be built into the organization’s structures, not dependent on informal agreements or arrangements, so that women’s access to decision-making does not depend on the personalities and efforts of individuals.
• Management should give unequivocal support to gender teams and staff members with specific responsibility for gender issues.
• There should be scope for different organizational styles and cultures to coexist and be valued and for men and women together to explore and utilize difference without disempowering either side.

Attitude towards Gender Sensitization

Right from the primary level, boys and girls should understand that thought they have gender differences, both the male and the female species of human kind have an important and worthy role to play in the great drama of life. There should be healthy relationship based on respect, understanding and concern. In the matter of brain power, skill and talents, some may be superior or inferior but that has nothing to do with the gender.
Our effort should be to make the society and the country a safe and comfortable place for ladies as well as for men.

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