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What we offer?

Effective Business solutions is a professional consulting & training organization offering a wide range of professional and quality services to diverse organizations with a focus on enhancement of organizational capacity & capabilities development for marked improvement in organizational performance. Our goal is to provide support in direct & pragmatic ways by offering intellectual and knowledge resources to multi-sector organizations in the areas of Organizational Transformation, building Organizational Effectiveness, Managing Change, Talent Architecture Development, and Organization Design for efficiency improvement. Our experiences as leaders, managers, trainers, assessors, coaches and counselors in business environment enables us to focus on business results. Our efforts are therefore dedicated in providing that ROI as per the client expectations.


Employee Engagement

EBS will ensure that employees are committed to your organization’s goals and values, and are motivated to contribute to your organizational success



EBS will help your organization build an adaptive culture where positive managerial patterns are actively encouraged and aligned to your business goals


Organization Design

EBS believes that an organization design
has the ability to strategically adapt structures and systems to capture or expand
existing markets.


Integrated Talent Management

EBS addresses the needs of organizations that are seeking to implement their talent management approaches. The aim will be to highlight various business strategies.

HR Solutions

Innovation in management technology through enhanced human resources.

Business Solutions

EBS is a dynamic and fast growing company providing customized business solutions.

Head Hunting

We are committed to locating and recruiting the most highly qualified candidates for any given position.

Organizational Effectiveness

We strive to achieve and enhance the effectiveness by providing the best outcomes which the organization intends to produce.

Talent Management

We implement the best practices and procedures to help build and improve key talents in organizations for their future success.

e-Enabled Solutions

We propose new methods to increase business efficiency of e-enabled operations and promote transparency within the organization.

Organizational Development

Our dynamic approach strives in helping Organizations solve problems and help shape their workplace culture.

Business Consultancy

We help businesses achieve alignment and help provide methods that focus significantly on transforming the business environment.

Talent Architecture and Leadership Capabilities Framework

We provide effective architectures to build a talent-rich Organization and deliver a framework which meets the agencies requirements.

High Performance Through Coaching

We deliver highly pragmatic coaching workshops that maximize business performance.

Corporate Legal Consultancy

We at the EBS, are professional Corporate Consultants, having dynamic diverse expertise in legal matters affecting the smooth running of any corporate entity, including public and private limited, unlimited companies, sole proprietorship, partnerships, trusts societies etc. Since we have direct experience of working in various renowned national and multinational organizations, we are not able to proactively identify legal issues that may become protracted time consuming hurdles for any entity but we also provide most effective and efficient solution to manage and mitigate these potential problems which in turn save time and costs for any organization.
We have expertise to provide legal service to our clients in the following areas:

Registration and compliance of legal entities

We can assist our clients with the creation and registration of the most efficient relevant business entity or their business be it is the Partnership firm, Public or Private Company, Trust, Sole Proprietorship, Society etc. Once registered we provide management services to ensure compliance with the relevant legislations and other requirements imposed by Government Agencies such as SECP, Stock Exchange, FBR etc. We provide assistance with the management and running of the statutory meetings, capturing the minutes, management of the directors and the Board and any shares and investors related issues that an entity may face.

Contracts and Agreements

As our experts have been part of the various organizations, we understand the potential issues that may become a very expensive dispute for any organization. We are hence qualified on advising on risk management and proactively mitigating these risks through binding contracts. We draft and advise for our Clients, supplier, joint ventures, standards, customization, construction, services, employment contracts, software and hard ware license etc. Full solution id provided to the Client which means assistance in negotiations, finalization of the terms and conditions drafting and printing of the contracts on the stamp paper etc.

Litigation and Litigation management

We provide two tier services to our clients under this head. For clients who want us to litigate in any criminal, civil, labor, tax, Services matter we litigate directly on their behalf. Clients who wish to hire their preferred lawyers in different matters, we hire these lawyers for them, fix their free, work on the finalization of the petitions, manage the day to day working of these lawyers and then reporting to our client with the updates. We assist our clients with the closure of the protracted fruitless legal battles. We also assist our clients with arbitration and settlement of legal disputes which if litigated can result in expensive legal battles.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

For any business to run smoothly, it’s mandatory that IPR which includes the Trade Marks, Copy Rights, designs and Patents of the organization and its products are protected. In this regards we provide assistance with the registration of the IPRs, identifying infringements and violations, long term protection against infringements, taking actions against the infringements in the court and before the Registry or any other Government Agency etc.

Assistance in dealing with governments agencies

We draft letters and petitions, craft presentations for our clients to provide them with assistance in putting forward their position before various governments’ agencies such as FBR, SECP, Stock exchange, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Interior, and Competition Commission of Pakistan etc. We assist our clients in registrations under the Sales Tax Act, Income Tax and Federal Excise Authorities etc. We file returns including the income tax returns under the above laws.

Employee Management Services

We assist managing direct employees, contract employees and employees who are providing out sourced Services in compliance with all the applicable legislations to our clients. In this regards we draft policies and procedures, we conduct investigations necessary after a misconduct, whistle blowing incident, gender diversity or harassment issue etc.

Legal awareness program/Trainings

We conduct training of employees on various legal matters including but not limited to Corporate Laws, Labor Laws, FIR related matters, Employment laws and other legislation affecting the business of our clients etc.


We provide general drafting services such as drafting of the guarantees, Model legislations, Deeds, drafting and implementation of various policies such as the governance, gender diversity, Data Protection, records management harassment and sexual harassment policies. We draft Power of Attorneys and assist in their registration.

Labour Laws and Industrial Relations

We advise Labour Laws including Industrial Relations and the management of the factories. We draft and advise on the CBA management and agreements. We assist in issues pertaining to Social Security Ordinance, Employees Old Age Benefits, Companies Workers Welfare Participation Fund, etc

Assessing of Gaps

We carry out the exercises for gap analysis to ensure that the client is complying with all the legal obligations mandated for his business in the present legal regime.

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