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Ladder 1

The first step of learning path is Ladder I; it is a unique blend of selective soft skills. Mastering these skills is essential for personal development, and to be ‘fit for future’. Ladder I, will give you better understanding of “how to work in team, motivating self and others, communication skills and self-awareness skills”.

How to take the Test

is comprised of set of soft skill that you need to develop for your grooming.
1 (25) Course Duration: 15 hrs
Spend Time on Videos: 3 hrs
Spend Time on Articles and Presentation: 12 hrs
Pass percentage 85%
Attempts: multiple
The users completing ladder I will be awarded as Bronze Badge. This badge will enable you to have access to ladder II study material.

  • Connecting People
  • Exploring Self
  • Leading Through Choas
  • Making TeamWork
  • Managing Resources
  • Motivating Peoples
  • Organizing & Managing Choas
  • Online Test

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